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Opportunity is at Hand!

If the Republican Party doesn’t wake up soon and get all the way back to its conservative roots, I fear that it will take a third party emergence as the only direction that may save our country.

The Republican Party has wasted much time spinning their wheels trying to cope with the Senate and the President of the United States.

Once The Republican Party gained majority control of the House, they should have insisted on a responsible Budget.  The House is assigned the power of the purse by the Constitution because it is the Body closest to the American People.  Failure to accept responsibility does great damage to the Party.

Now is the time to stop funding many of the Federal Government functions that have been gradually stolen from the States.  A phased approach would be necessary, but all journeys begin with a first step.

We are not a monarchy or any other type of totalitarian government.  We are supposed to be a free Representative Republic with limited power at the Federal level.  We had better wake up before it is too late.  Our current direction is a path to self destruction.  If the current government collapses under its own weight, those most dependent will be most vulnerable.

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Paying My Fair Share,


Here is one obvious fact – Fair taxation can only be interpreted in one fashion which is equal taxation. We have been sold the fairness of “one person – one vote”, why should a person be taxed at a higher rate because of that person’s accomplishments.

Examples of a Flat Rate of Ten Percent —-

Minimum Wage Earner’s Income …. $ 16,500 fixed rate of 10%, tax liability $ 1,650

Blue Collar Wage Earner’s Income.. $ 52,500 fixed rate of 10%, tax liability $ 5,250

Professional (doctor, lawyer, etc)     $ 195,000 fixed rate of 10%, tax liability $ 19,500

Professional Sports Player ……….. $ 896,000 fixed rate of 10%, tax liability $ 89,600

Wealthy Entrepreneur ———–  $12,000,000 fixed rate of 10%, tax liability $ $1,200,000

People who make more will pay more under a flat rate tax.

I don’t think that the United States federal government should tax the American people at ten percent. Ten percent is being used for illustration because of the over-taxed environment that currently exists. The people should be taxed at a rate necessary to collect enough to pay the bill.

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Fiscal Cliff BS

The current administration is dealing in divisiveness.  It is quite sad to see the American people falling for such an obvious ploy.  One might remember the over used saying “Those who ignore History are bound to repeat it”.  One might also look at the “ten planks of the communist manifesto” for some insight into what is going on in the USA today!

The further that this country departs from the free enterprise system and dilutes the United States Constitution, the closer we get to a totalitarian state.  This latest exercise in division and deception, The Fiscal Cliff, is no more than a self inflicted exercise in stupidity.  The actual goal at play is the conscious systematic undermining of small business enterprise while supporting a select group of large business entities suitable for government takeover in the future.

The common sense way forward rooted in the United States Constitution and The Free Enterprise System would embrace the following :

  • Less emphasis on the Federal Government authority concentration.
  • Encouragement of authority and responsibility at the State level.  Fifty States working independently to solve problems for their citizens and sharing their accomplishments and/or failures with each other is a sure recipe for success.
  • Promotion of a tax structure which encourages enterprise rather than punishing same would do wonders for competition and jobs creation, which would lead to an expanding revenue base and a diminished need for welfare dependency.
  • Expanding the revenue base and shrinking the welfare needs would do wonders for solving the debt issue and in turn could result in a smaller tax bite on all citizens.
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Obama Wins Four More Years

The results are in and the American People have made their choice for President Obama clear and decisive.  I hate to say it but I believe that the Republican Party is comfortable in second place.  At the expense of being accused of mashing sour grapes, I would like to go on record as saying, “I believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction.”.

Here are a few quotes made by our founding fathers that I believe will become obviously relevant over the coming years:

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  John Adams

“Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God?  Thomas Jefferson

“The citizens of the U.S. are responsible for the greatest trust ever confided to a political society” James Madison

“We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.”  James Madison

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” John Adams

“How many observe Christ’s birth-day! How few, his precepts! O! ’tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments.” Benjamin Franklin

I find it hard to imagine that any American would disagree with my assertion that we are headed in the wrong direction but the election results are irrefutable.  The only explanation that I can proffer is that the American People either care more about their own self-interest than that of their country or that they have been duped.  I guess the latter is easiest for me to accept and it is on that premise that I plan to write several articles about where our country is and where it is headed.

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Presidential Debate #3 10-22-12

I guess that a lot of people might feel that President Obama got the upper hand on Mitt Romney last evening.  I found it interesting that Mitt was cut short on most of his rebuttal attempts, but I can’t say that I am surprised.  Mr. Schieffer was very skilled in the management of the time.

I find it hard to believe that much of the media at large and spectators are happy and silent watching and endorsing a contest being played out on an unfair field.

Disregarding my take on the process, I felt that Mitt Romney conducted himself in a polite and professional manner.  I also believe that these debates have given the American people an occasional glance at the real President Obama whose manner was less than presidential.

For me, Mitt Romney’s performance was admirable given the circumstances.  I was particularly impressed with Mitt Romney’s approach to the Iran situation.


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Presidential Debate #2 10-16-12

I watched the debate hopeful that two responsible adults would debate important issues and provide some insight into what to expect from each candidate.  Needless to say, the debate was less than inspiring.  The President of the United States engaged in casting doubt on his opponent’s honesty and integrity by constant accusations that Romney was not being truthful.   I have listened to many of President Obama’s speeches, they sound great but the problem is that what he says and what he does is two distinctly different entities.

I noticed that the camera angle would often show the two minute clock while Romney was speaking, but I rarely saw the two minute clock while Obama spoke.

The moderator obviously had her own agenda.  I don’t know the lady but I would wager that she is a liberal democrat who supports Obama and his ideology.  If a debate is not executed in a fair manner, then it is not a debate.  When an individual does less than their very best to be fair, they do a huge injustice to the process, the debaters, the American People and to their own self.

Under the circumstances, I think Mitt Romney did a superior job in coping with the obviously rigged event.

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VP Debate 10-11-12

“A good offense is the best defense” appeared to be Biden’s strategy.  I was offended by Biden’s constant attack dog methods, his brilliant grinning smile, and his rude laughter.  I have observed much of Biden’s senate career on c-span.  For those of you that are not as familiar with Biden, he was in true Biden form.

I felt a little sorry for Ryan.  I believe Ryan sincerely wanted to debate the topics, but was placed at a disadvantage by the lack of control placed on Biden’s rude behavior.   I know that politics is a contact sport so to speak, but what has happened to the American sense of fair play and honesty.

Overall, I would score this debate with a slight edge to Biden.  I don’t agree with a lot of what he said but his tactics did manage to dominate the scene.  I think Ryan did as well as could be expected under the prescribed circumstances.  I would give Ryan higher points in the fair play and honesty category.

In times past, this country often managed to pull together in the area of foreign policy.  Politics was set aside at the water’s edge as they say.  This quality seems to have gone the same way as fair play and honesty.

I agree with Biden to a limited degree on the United States involvement in other countries.  I believe the foreign policy of the United States is flawed in several ways and has been through several administrations, both Republican and Democrat.

The United States foreign policy’s first goal should be to promote the interest of the United States of America without compromising our sovereignty, the constitution, or our Christian based values.  The interpretation of the constitution that gave us separation of church and state is flawed, but that discussion is for another day.

It is admirable to promote freedom but common sense should rule the day.  If a people desire to be free and want our help, they should be willing to do the heavy lifting.  There are many ways to assist a people’s quest for freedom without fighting their war for them and building their nation with our own national treasure and blood.  If or when this country falls upon hard times, who do you think will come to our aid.

I will close by saying that I will vote for Romney/Ryan and I will also pray for them as well.

Future articles contemplated include US foreign policy and the separation of church and state.


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Presidential Debate #1 10-3-12

I have always been a member of the Republican Party since I began participating in the voting process.  I went in this direction because I feel that the Democratic Party has been growing the Federal Government under the false precept of looking out for the underdog.  I do have a dog in this race and feel that it is only fair to readers to know where I am coming from “opinion wise”.  It is also worth noting that I am hugely disappointed in the Republican Party at large during the same time frame.

    We all should be concerned about the spending and borrowing at the federal level of government.  I concede that the Republican Party deserves a sizable but not the lion’s share of responsibility.  I also agree that our country’s foreign policy is lacking regardless of which party is calling the shots.

Now, about the debate…

I watched the debate and was pleasantly surprised.  Romney appears to understand the need to address the federal government’s fiscal policy.   What I liked about the oration by Mitt Romney;  He was polite but not cowering in any fashion.  I think that this speaks volumes towards his sincerity.

Lowering the tax rates and getting rid of many of the tax code provisions is a step in the correct direction.  This, in conjunction with applying some common sense to regulations is a good formula for improving the atmosphere for more jobs in the USA.  More jobs will have a positive impact upon the fiscal policy. You can increase revenue without raising taxes.

People going to work saves on the expenses of the safety net programs,  means more tax revenue collected regardless of the tax rate, and means less interest paid on debt due to less borrowing.

President Obama keeps calling this approach a top-down or trickle-down approach. Mitt Romney did outline his plan, energy independence, promote fair trade, pursue better job skill education, balance the budget, and champion small business. During an election campaign, an outline or general road map is all that needs to be presented.  Mitt Romney did elaborate on the need to reach across the isle in the spirit of cooperation.

Overall, I was encouraged by the Mitt Romney presentation. It was delightful to hear someone exhibit the need for fiscal responsibility. It was also refreshing to hear a presidential candidate acknowledge the need for State level government’s involvement and control. One need only read the US constitution to realize that we have strayed far off the original path.

Footnote – President Obama keeps indicating that making the rich pay their fair share is the answer to our problems.  Using the congressional budget office 2009 data, the top 20% paid 67.9% of all federal taxes collected.  One other observation, rich people do not have to remain in the USA, we haven’t become a totalitarian government yet.

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Democrats are One Up on Republicans Again!

I will be seventy-one years of age the 19th of this month and have observed national politics for many years.  I remember the “I Like Ike” buttons being proudly worn in my home town of Mobile Alabama.  The Democratic Party was thought to be the party for the working man and The Republican Party was thought of as the “Big Business” party.  A great deal has changed since President Eisenhower served over fifty years ago.  One need only read the history about this great general’s service as the president to realize that the Republican Party was not just about big business.

This country and both of the national parties have evolved immensely.  This country has many things to be proud of and it also has some reasons to be greatly ashamed.  It has been my observation that the Democratic Party has been one up on the Republican Party in many ways simply by being better at playing politics.  Appealing to greed and self-interest has proven to be an effective method of garnering power.  The Democratic Party’s One Up skills have managed to slowly carry both parties gradually LEFT for the past half century.

I recall Nikita Khrushchev saying that Communism would take over in the USA without a shot being fired.  I fear that we may be very close to the Nikita Khrushchev prediction or something worst reaching reality.  He also predicted that his goal would be reached without the American People realizing that it has occurred.

So, if you are keeping score between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, the Democratic Party may be ahead in points, but I fear that we all have lost.

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Government Spending & Debt

The Federal Government is out of control and spending money excessively.  This is an extreme understatement.  The politicians at the Federal Government level are spending money at a rate which is not conceivable by the human mind.  If you want to boggle your mind or possibly inflict yourself with a migraine, do a search on “US National Debt” or “How much is a trillion dollars”.

I believe the United States of America is currently on a path to self-destruction.  One need only look at history for similar conditions which led to downfalls.  Read a little about Germany around 1924.

Bernard Madoff was recently jailed for operating an investment fraud Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is an investment swindle in which some early investors are paid off with money put up by later investors in order to encourage more and bigger risks.  How many times have you heard by youthful Americans, “Social Security benefits will not be available by the time that I retire!”.  Do you see our government’s hypocrisy!

The American People must demand that common sense and decency be restored to all levels of the Government Politic.  We must not look to the government to solve all of our problems.  Thomas Jefferson said, “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves”.  I was not a huge fan but John F. Kennedy’s quote seems most apropos today; “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.

The runaway spending and massive debt accumulation is totally unnecessary!

We need only look to our founding fathers and the constitution for guidance.  The way back to sanity can be accomplished by pursuing a few core principles.  We can not turn the clock back overnight, but a gradual return to our roots is highly recommended.  Let’s list some key principles worth highlighting;

1) Unless specifically defined in the United States Constitution; caution, discretion, and a super majority state approval should be the path for federal involvement into government affairs.  The federal government has intruded into many aspects of our lives that would be best addressed at a lower level (state, county, city, etc) or left alone.  Fifty separate work shops sharing research, development, success and failure with each other will produce a better product than one ivory tower overseer handing out mandates.

2) Areas where government involvement is necessary, and is restrained to the appropriate level,  funding of the various functions should be compartmentalized and associated taxes should be directed to the segment of the populace receiving the specific service.   A good example of this approach might be taxing gasoline, oil, vehicles etc in order to fund road construction and maintenance.  The people using the roads share in the road expense.  This is a good example of federal, state, county, city, etc working together,  A common purpose.

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