Big Business – Pro vs Con

Big Business! How big is Big?  How big is too big?  This is one of those topics that is difficult to pin down.  I believe that it is important for the people of this country to weigh in on the topic of big business and the politics involved.

A common plot of Drama seen on TV or in a Movie is the Big Evil Corporation or the Big Bad Government?  I guess that these creative writers subscribe to Lord Acton’s quote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

I suspect that some business enterprises have gotten too big.  I also suspect that Political influences by the Federal Government has encouraged and facilitated the excessive growth of some Corporations.   If you want to be a Hero to the people, you need a Villain!  The federal government wants to be the people’s hero, hence a villain is required.

How big is too big?  When politicians in congress defines a corporation as “Too Big to Fail”, I suspect that it is Too Big!

Business has an ever present inclination to improve the bottom line.  This is a natural tendency for free enterprise.  Business Enhancing All Conceivable Efficiencies linked with the Federal Government’s Political Complicity has propelled this country into something I have named  “America’s Economic Paradox”.

America’s Economic Paradox -  Improvements in Automation and Productivity linked with excessive foreign import trade has contributed to an obvious manpower surplus in America which in turn has manifests itself as the American Business Shrinking Customer Base!

In short, with a little help from the Federal Government, we have shot ourselves in the foot!  I suspect that this scenario that I have described is being played out deliberately by the Political Powers at large designed to move this country from a free enterprise based country to a socialized condition.  The concentration of power at the federal level is now a major player in most problems in America.

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  1. I think the new term for this collaboration of government and big business is called corporatism … an expansion of the quazi government corporations as AMTRAK and the U.S. Post Office, and the Federal Reserve Bank… all failures financially for government, yet somehow ~~ others make a very good living (from the private side). Hence ~ the too big to fail…

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