Centralism vs Fedrealism

The dictionary defines … Centralism as the concentration of power and control in a central authority!   and  Federalism as the distribution of power between a central authority and the constituent units.   I will leave the understanding and digestion of these two definitions up to you the reader.  Political science is the most boring subject that I can imagine.

My thoughts about a workable power structure for the United States of America fits perfectly into the governmental structure laid out by our founding fathers.  The problems being experienced today are due to the founding father’s principles not being applied at all levels, especially at the federal level.  Our politicians should be held to the high standard that they have professed in the oaths that they take to protect and defend the United States constitution.

Our founding fathers were as you know revolutionaries and were determined to establish a government that would remain responsive to the people.  I believe that this single attribute is the most endearing quality and the quality most in jeopardy of being lost in the ongoing drift toward liberalism.

The problem with liberalism, socialism, or whatever you want to “call it” is that it is mathematically unsound.  It just doesn’t add up.  Excessive debt, flooding the currency with trillions in paper money, arbitrary low interest rates are all attempts to maintain a  mathematically unsound way of government.  The end results are inflated prices, higher taxes, devalued currency, and an unjust affliction upon all echelons of our society.  The worst part is that this approach to government swells the ranks of poverty, and then inflicts demoralizing governmental dependency in order to maintain it’s broken system.

The federal government should concern itself primarily with it’s obligations defined in the United States Constitution and allow all others matters to be accomplished at the logical local levels; state, county, city, etc.   Free and spirited competition at the state level is exciting in sports and could be just as exciting in the political arena.  The federal government should gracefully terminate it’s exercising of ultimate power before it brings down the greatest nation in the world.

The loss of Freedom and Liberty is always gradual.

The American People need to wake up before it is too late!

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